Managing your email receipts is even smoother with Gmail

Oficin integrates fully with Gmail. This makes tracking your receipts and managing your expenses even smoother. When you get a receipt from one of your favourite businesses, you simply apply the label in Gmail and Oficin will pick it up and add it to your monthly overview.

How to connect your Gmail account

Click on the "edit account" link in the navigation. Scroll to the "Gmail settings". Click the "Add Gmail account" here.

Oficin works even smoother when connected to your Gmail account

You will be redirected to Gmail where you can select which account you want to connect to Oficin. You will be prompted that wants access to "view your email and settings". Click "allow" to continue. You will be redirected to your account settings.

With the Gmail integration all your previous manual work is now automated

The next step is to add a "label". Oficin will only fetch the emails (with a receipt) if this label is applied to it. Simply click "add label" to continue and type the label you want, eg. "receipt". Click "Add label".

Oficin will only fetch the email receipts you apply a set label to

What will happen next?

You are all set now. Whenever you receive a new receipt, you can manually add the label to the email or set up filters to this automatically for you.

New receipts will now start appearing in your monthly overview with all the magic you expect from Oficin applied.

We will check for new receipts often, but if you don't see your new receipt appear in your overview, just give it a bit of time.

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