Why you want to manage your email receipts

Nowadays we use a lot different services, from listening to music with Spotify, watching movies on iTunes, to services like Uber for transportation.

If you are an online professional, you surely use even more services. Maybe you are a freelance webdesigner and use Adobe Creative Cloud. Or are you a web developer? You than might use services like Heroku and Github.

All these services send you email receipts at the end of every billing period. Notifying you about the amount you have spent that month. Great, but…

If you slightly value your time and money, you want to keep track of these receipts. Due to the nature of how easy you have access to all these services, you can quickly loose sight of your monthly spendings. And how about the organisational mess?

If you run any type of business, you simply cannot ignore to track your expenses.

With Oficin it's really simple to keep track of all your receipts. Forward your receipts to your very own unique emailaddress. Or set up rules to have this done for you for recurring receipts.

All the hard work is done for you. They are grouped by month, labeled and prices are extracted. Next it will turn them into a clear monthly overview ready for you to download or send to your accountant. Just imagine how much time this saves you. And every month again.

The insight this creates is also so valuable. "Am I spending more on webhosting this month?" "Did I really spent that much on iTunes?" "I need to look into those Heroku costs." Insights to act upon and learn from.

No need to loose time and money any more. You can start managing your receipts today.

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