Great new features that will blow your spreadsheet workflow away

Just a little while ago I introduced the highly requested business pricing and plans. Not only are you now able to process more receipts, but now you have one place to collect the receipts of your coworkers too. This will make reimbursements so much easier.

From new pricing and plans to some amazing new features, that are highly anticipated. Oficin is growing and ready for 2018.

Labels are now smart

With so many more receipts being processed now, I am happy to announce that Oficin now learns about the labels you apply to receipts. So those labeled "business" and "marketing". Or "business" and "air travel" will now all be applied without you lifting any finger. Just imagine the time you will win here!

Use labels to filter by expense

These labels are not just static texts anymore. You now can actually filter your receipts by label. Total amount for a month will change as well, so you will see in a blink of an eye your spending on transport, web services and iTunes movie spendings.

All your receipts downloaded at once

Also new is the possibility to download all your receipts in one archived (zip) folder. Download them per month or even filtered by label. This same filtering now also works for the CSV overview.

Expense management now even smoother with Gmail

I have also written some words about how to connect Oficin with your Gmail account. Read and get set up in seconds here.

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