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How do I set up rules (filters) for Gmail?

Creating filters (also known as rules, or email rules) is very easy and will make your Oficin experience even more seamless.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click tab "Filters and Blocked Addresses"
  3. Click the link "Create a new filter"
  4. In the popup, choose what you want to search for (ie. include words: receipt, invoice)
  5. Click "Create filter with this search" (you also get a preview of what emails are included)
  6. Select "Forward it to" and choose your Personal Oficin forward address
  7. And lastly, click "Create Filter"

Voila, you are now all set. Your receipts managment is now on auto-pilot!

The price was not extracted correctly

We use several ways to extract the total price from any receipt. We humans are incredible good at scanning (seeing) the price. Computers in general need more guidance. That's why we Oficin only supports English text and prices in dollars, euros or British pounds. Note that you can really easily edit the prices (or any element on the receipt) if you need to.

Why does Oficin not provide any free plan?

Lots of so-called SaaS offer a trial period of seven or days. Time for you to test and try the product. Oficin is a type of service that shows it strength and power after a couple of months, when you see have acted upon your spendings and know how much time you have saved. If you do feel after three months of use, Oficin did not live up to your expectations, you can always contact us.

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